Digital Habits Yoga Workshop with Jennifer Veldman

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Led by Jennifer Veldman, this workshop uses Critical Alignment Yoga to explore our digital habits.

How long are you awake when you first check your phone? How often and how long are you online per day? And how often are you online longer and more often than you intended? For many the answer to the last question is something in the direction: "(too) often". We walk around with slotmachines in our pocket. The software that we use every day has made our lives a lot easier and better in many cases, but has also been developed to manipulate us in developing habits at brain level—physically and mentally programming us to spend more and more time on that one site or platform. In this workshop we will use Critical Alignment Yoga to explore our own habits and preferred patterns and how we can manipulate ourselves towards positive habits. The knowledge gained during the yoga session is included in exercises and a discussion about our use of digital technology. (How) can you manipulate yourself?

Who is this workshop for?

  • Anyone who wants to live with digital tools, but doesn't want to be lived by this.
  • Anyone who thinks they are stiff and uncoordinated
  • Anyone who wants to get a grip on their stress level, without banning digital devices

In this workshop:

  • We take a look at the attention engineering used to built software
  • Learn to become aware of your preferred patterns with open attention
  • Get practical tips to get a better grip on your smartphone (or other devices) usage

We are going to get started physically with Critical Alignment Yoga, so bring comfortable clothing!! If you are not enrolled in the Summer Academy then you need to bring your own yoga mat.

This is a workshop of DataWatchers.eu