H&D at Printing Plant Art Book Fair 2019


Come meet us at the Printing Plant Art Book Fair!

In conjunction with Amsterdam Art Weekend, 22 - 24 November 2019, Looiersgracht 60 is delighted to be organising the second edition of Printing Plant - an intimate three-day art book fair for like-minded, independent publishers and interested audiences. With over 80 (inter)national publishers, Printing Plant will present a remarkable selection of artist editions, catalogues, books, monographs, periodicals and zines that are generally unavailable in bookshops. Independent artistic print culture has a rich narrative in Amsterdam but there are few places for artists and publishing houses to present the progressive publications they are producing to the wider public. Many beautiful titles are only on view in a small selection of motivated and specialist booksellers, museum bookshops and galleries. Looiersgracht 60 has taken up this opportunity to create a platform to support the art book of the present, and to foster a community of art-publishers both locally and globally.

More information on Looiersgracht 60's website!