Multiform, queering sport and a conversation with Erin Gatz

July 19.png

This interactive game-focused workshop is led by Gabriel Fontana; followed by a conversation with Erin Gatz from Prototype Pittsburgh.

In this workshop, we will collectively question and reinvent the socio-political role of sport in contemporary society. By looking at the practice of sport from a queer perspective, we will understand movement and performativity as the basis for questioning current social systems and normative logics. Through a series of games, we’ll experiment with a set of tools to reflect on and change the rules of the social codes we are constantly playing. By celebrating interchangeability and fluid identities, the workshop aims to re-invent strategies for new societal values, both on and off the sports field.

The workshop will be followed by a conversation between Gabriel and Erin Gatz from Prototype Pittsburgh, a feminist makerspace.

Please meet us at NDSM pleintje for a short introduction, then we will all go together to the space where the workshop will take place.