Android Music and Water Nymphs

Android Music and Water Nymphs
Name Android Music and Water Nymphs
Location Het Wilde Weg
Date 2023/07/26
Time 10:00-13:00
PeopleOrganisations Carla Tapparo
Type HDSC2023
Web Yes
Print No
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I am interested in the mimicry and translation that occurs from language -albeit, one that we will create ensemble- to action, to feeling to voice. Melody appears to me as a glue for memory, as it allows the sharing of knowledge and its retention somatically and smoothly. Song birds = resistance songs = collective love songs. This is in connection to a piece-work-thing I have creating surrounding the three last species of birds to be declared extinct or that are still being debated if they are (po'ouli, glaucous macaw and slender-billed curlew). To be the body of other things in a way, and to embody theory.

The methodology I would like to try out takes cues from karaoke, guided meditations through singing, and the making of a choir or ‘choir-ality’.

This proposal is related to Hopepunk in terms of communing with grief and mortality, in order to continue on without making as if everything was ok, as well as communal practices based on somatic experiences.

I would like to start by presenting the sounds of the aforementioned birds. Share different stories we know that come to mind surrounding this type of grief with a sort of guided meditation. -- 30 mins. With this in mind, I want each of us to find a sound or a feeling (touching a stream, burning ourselves in the sun, the sound of rocks colliding) and try to emulate it with the sound of our bodies- I use mostly voice, but it can take other routes.

We will share our sounds, and try to create a choir first out of intuition. Different exercises will be held: all of us singing the 'sound' of another, trying two at the same time, and so on. - 30 mins to 1 hour We will try to write them down, in any shape that comes. How to find a language in common? Or how to make them intertwine?

We will write a communal score for a song based on the somatic experiences we have done before, and run it a few time (2 or 3) to see the changes the reading has.

Ideally, the set up would be for 5 to 10. We can manage by making smaller groups in the last part with more people, but it would extend the time. It could be fun to try different set up of sound-people.

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my name is Carla (she/they), and I'm an Argentinian transdisciplinary artist based in Italy. I work mostly with video, sound and text that merge into performances and installations. I have a BFA and Proffesor degree in Visual Arts from the University of La Plata, and a MA from édhèa, Switzerland, of Art in the Public Sphere through the Hans Boerg Wyss Scholarship. // @osm.ia