Communal rebuilding reconnecting reusing

Communal rebuilding reconnecting reusing
Name Communal rebuilding reconnecting reusing
Location Het Wilde Weg
Date 2023/07/19
Time 10:00-18:00
PeopleOrganisations Thomas Rosser
Type HDSC2023
Web Yes
Print No
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Bringing together solarpunk themes and ideas from permacomputing, community care and anarchist theory, I am interested in facilitating a space for group and individual expression through the devising of redefined communication tools. Together we will examine how our current technological solutions and infrastructure allow us to communicate and express ourselves, and how they limit us in their current state. We will imagine communication protocols that serve us better as a community on camp, representing the needs of everyone and exploring the playful nature of exchanging ideas, feelings, knowledge and experiences with each other. This will involve analogue mapping of language and symbols, before we attempt to build a networked instrument for collective performance. I hope that we can then explore and iterate on what we have made before performing together with this instrument on the radio station. Perhaps we can link up with the Hacked Orchestra workshop too somehow...

Using networked single board computers, reclaimed battery storage, gathered solar energy, and our custom communication protocol we will then go about creating these digital tools to interact with each other. We will discuss how to salvage and repurpose technologies around us to build our own infrastructure. The outcomes could be simple sound sending & receiving devices, encoded signal messagers, pagers, or could be a simple networked game that we can play across the site.

We will then test out our systems / protocols / devices and come together to discuss, dissect, and suggest iterations for the instrument.

Some of the themes we will be examining:

keeping things local

challenging obsolecence

collective building

consensus in action

Technology / Tools:

Participants: anyone, we will break into smaller groups for making and then re-group as a whole for playtesting, collective performance



Thomas is an audio-visual artist based in London, working with physical computing, sound and code to build intuitive instruments collective performance with a practice rooted in research around sustainable and solar punk solutions and community building in interactive and performance art, with the intention of designing and building creative tools to enact collective social change through making, play and performance.