Name DIWO(Draw-It-With-Others)
Location Het Wilde Weg
Date 2024/07/16-2024/07/24
Time 09:00-09:30
PeopleOrganisations Chae & Kamo
Type HDSC2024
Web Yes
Print No

20 DIWO.png

Draw-It-With-Others takes the act of drawing as a way to nourish plots, imaginations, prototypes, expressions, exchanges, and reflections. Every morning, it will be open to the public at a designated spot with some breakfast and drawing materials. Participants can stretch their body-mind around the topics of authorship, boundaries, and collectivity through a series of drawing prompts (while having coffee!).

Each morning there will be a "Drawing Prompt of the Day" distributed via the reciept printer. Here are the [semi-sorted] list of drawing prompts (in total 10!):

a physical tool to work on iterative collaborative slow-pace lettering

cut-out activity to draw by (re)using parts of someone else's drawing

tracing the screen of someone else's smartphone

tracing the latest screenshot in your gallery

digital tool to draw by (re)positioning strokes drawn by others

digital tool that extracts points from SVGs and creates space to (re)connect the dots

collaborative activity to become a pen plotter

digital branching version of exquisite corpse https://draw-it-with-others.org/xquisite/

drawing app for collaborative interactive live visuals

https://pzwiki.wdka.nl/mw-mediadesign/images/8/8d/Hdsc_set-up.jpg?20240605152146 Illustration of the DIWO set-up

(Most digital drawing activities are smartphone friendly!, we can bring the receipt printer and some drawing tools.)