Domestic Drone Defence

Domestic Drone Defence
Name Domestic Drone Defence
Location De Punt, Frans de Wollantstraat 84, 1018 SC Amsterdam
Date 2015/08/07
Time 10:00-15:00
PeopleOrganisations Ruben Pater, Tijmen Schep
Type HDSA2015
Web Yes
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Building drone defense systems with household appliances

Workshop by Ruben Pater and Tijmen Schep.

Short: In the suburbia of the future, the peace and privacy of consumer society is under threat by digital peeping toms and robotic pranksters. Now that every teenager has a Mediamarkt or HEMA drone, ordinary mischief can turn neighborhoods into drone-infested zones of terror. During this workshop we made use of household appliances and off-the-shelf materials to built drone defense systems. Clad in aprons, armed with brooms, homemade weapons, and bottle rockets, we formed the vanguard of domestic drone defense.