Downtime spell$ && todo/om$/

Downtime spell$ && todo/om$/
Name downtime spell$ && todo/om$/
Location Het Wilde Weg
Date 2024/07/16-2024/07/22
Time 21:30
PeopleOrganisations vo ezn
Type HDSC2024
Web Yes
Print No

29 DowntimeSpells.png

.~` 2 hour-long evening sessions:

{ - } downtime spell$ -- a gentle introduction to a computer terminal [command line interface]

{ - } todo{om$} -------- plotting your agenda on terminal with `taskworrior`

---/- downtime spell$

at dusk we'll gather around our machine/computer terminals to cast some spells [run commands].

       / > terminal [command line interface] is a text based application 
           that deals with text input/output. every computer has it and 
           anything you imagine doing with graphical user interface [and more] 
           you can do through a terminal: navigate your computer filesystem, 
           create/delete files, conjure up images from scratch, edit videos, 
           install and run programms, log into remote computer, hack the planet and so on. 
       / > trick is to know how to communicate with it via particular textual snippets -- commands

we'll collectively read A Map Is A Territory zine :// //which is a very sweet and magical introduction to a command line interface

           // This is a place of empowerment, tangible creativity, and mystic bewilderment.
           // While it can be dangerous, it's also exceedingly helpful if you know how to listen.
   and follow along the commands on our computers to conjure up the grand poetic spell ~  # # *

through this process we'll bypass all the fluff of a graphical user interface and get to know the subtle powers of textual communication with our machines. it was always there -- waiting for you ]]

---/- todo{om$}

after getting closer to our machines, we'll meet again to stitch together our routine schedules/agendas on the terminal. we'll install a calm and collected taskwarrior [a free and open source software] :// //, peak into it and tweak the defaults to fit our needs.

____________ _participants : 10-15

____________ _duration : 1 hour [each session]

____________ _tools -- you can bring your own laptop, but can also follow without -- projector

no previous technical knowledge is required ]]