Name Gorizia,Italy
Location Mediateteca, Via Giorgio Bombi, 7, 34170 Gorizia
Date 2015/06/04
Time 18:30
PeopleOrganisations HearUsHere
Type Meetup
Web Yes
Print No


Discussion internet of things and non-linear storytelling

Parla Gorizia was created as a part of the Invisiblecities festival. Launched during the festival, this app lets visitors of the town listen to the stories of Gorizia while taking a stroll through its streets.

During this brief workshop Klasien van de Zandschulp, James Bryan Graves, and Fosca Salvi discussed the IoT (Internet of Things) and non-linear storytelling using the HearUsHere platform (http://www.hearushereapp.com/) in preparation and participation in the Invisiblescities Urban Multimedia Festival. During the workshop participants were invited to make their own contribution to the content of the app.