If You Were This: See through the Eyes of Different Scales in digital Space

If You Were This: See through the Eyes of Different Scales in digital Space
Name If You Were This: See through the Eyes of Different Scales in digital Space
Location Het Wilde Weg
Date 2023/07/21
Time 10:00-13:00
PeopleOrganisations Xiaotong Li
Type HDSC2023
Web Yes
Print No
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This workshop explores the power of shifting perspectives by allowing users to pivot between different scales of viewing the world in a digital space. Use the technique of 3d scanning, participants will have a digital version of themselves and their surrounding. Then participants can zoom in or out the model of themselves to do the viewing in the software and start to imagine the perspective of the objects or lives in the environments (a cup? a bug? Or anything around us and have connections with us). The project aims to provide a unique and interactive experience where users can discover new insights by toggling between different viewpoints. Through this project, participant can gain a deeper understanding of how scalability and perspectives can shape our perception of the world and ourselves. After the scanning workshop, participants can donate their models and bring together, resulting in a 3D group photo.

Pandemic, climate crisis, energy crisis, rapidly advancing technologies, our anxiety are mostly produced by speedy changing themes in our life. Those hyper-objects absorb our energy and attentions. It even more frustrated that they are too complicated to let people outline the relationship between us and them. One of the important qualities of hyper-object is scalability. It might be impossible to escape from them, but the experience of transition between we and other creature with different scales might give insights for us to giving us to think about the relationship of we and hyper objects around us, we and environments, we and other creatures.

The core of punk futures might be a mindset of being flexible in scaleabilities, It might be a way to find the gap to glitch down the theme of an era.

At the end of the workshop, participants can donate their digital scan for building up a final outcome in a game space with the records of reflections, the outcome will be sent by e-mail to everyone after the workshop.

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Xiaotong Li is an information artist currently based in Eindhoven, where she is studying at the Studio Digital Natives at Design Academy Eindhoven. Through her work, which often incorporates film, mapping, performance, and interactive installations, Xiaotong explores the intersection of human diversity and digital cultures. With a focus on creating experiences that highlight the unique perspectives of different cultures, Xiaotong's work challenges viewers to consider the impact of technology on our shared human experience.