Make a game, Save the Planet with Prototype PGH

Make a game, Save the Planet with Prototype PGH
Name Make a game, Save the Planet with Prototype PGH
Location Amsterdam, Harare, Pittsburgh, Vienna
Date 2021/07/19-2021/07/20
Time [[]]
PeopleOrganisations Prototype PGH
Type HDSA2021
Web Yes
Print No


Phylo is an exercise in crowd sourcing, open access, and open game development to create a trading card game (TCG) that makes use of the wonderful, complex, and inspiring things that inform the notion of biodiversity. Beginning as a reaction to the following nugget of information: “Kids know more about Pokemon creatures than they do about real creatures,” this project has grown to broach elements of game based science education, ecological literacy, and hackathon mechanics within the teaching community. The goal of the workshop is to create a Phylo card game for your local community featuring animals, plants and events that are present in the environment. Participants will learn how to build out a sustainable ecosystem as well as practice cooperative skills.  Using the existing rules and game structure, the workshop will involve gathering field data about plants, animals, and local ecological events to integrate into a deck which can be played by all participants and beyond.

This workshop is proposed by Giselle Jhunjhnuwala from Prototype PGH. Giselle Jhunjhnuwala is an artist, programmer, and Outreachy alumna. Their work uses free software, and explores the intersections of art, science, and technology. Giselle’s professional experience has taken them back and forth between the US and China, giving them a unique perspective on art and technology at home and abroad.

Photos by Zazie Stevens