Making Matters Symposium 2020

Making Matters Symposium 2020
Name Making Matters Symposium 2020
Location Het Nieuwe Instituut
Date 2020/11/19-2020/11/21
Time [[]]
PeopleOrganisations Making Matters Workgroup
Type Symposium
Web Yes
Print No

Collective Material Practices in Critical Times

Join us at the second edition of the Making Matters symposium, which will take place online on Thursday 19, Friday 20 and Saturday 21 November 2020 in collaboration with Het Nieuwe Instituut. The livestream presentations are free upon registration. For workshops you can buy a ticket for 2,50 euro. We look forward to your participation.

This online symposium brings together international representatives of collective material practices who experiment with their material manifestations to critique and reimagine the world(s) we inhabit.


Photo: ‘Bar di Radda in Chianti 14 agosto 1988’ by Cesare Pietroiusti, part of the exhibition 'A Variable Number of Things' at West Den Haag until 22.02.2020.



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Confirmed participants:

Aliens in Green, a.pass, Display Distribute, Eleni Kamma, Ensad Lab, Feral Atlas, Garnet Hertz, Jatiwangi Art Factory, The Otolith Group, Olu Taiwo, Jeanne van Heeswijk, Kate Rich and the work group Material Practices (Leiden University, Willem de Kooning Academy, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Waag Society, West Den Haag and associated researchers Anja Groten, Pia Louwerens and Dani Ploeger)


The three day conference Making Matters, is organized by the workgroup Material Practices (formerly known as Critical Making). Recent years have seen the emergence of a new kind of collective material practices that transgress the classical opposition between theory and practice, or thinking and making. These practices actively engage with our catastrophic times and yield collaborations that connect cultural, technological and more-than-human concerns. They show a potential to develop a comprehensive approach to art, science and technologies, driven by the necessity to fundamentally reimagine the relationship of humans to the world.

The conference brings together practitioners from various backgrounds and disciplines such as artistic research, experimental publishing, visual art, business and performance. These practitioners will share their work in which thinking and making are entangled, and will discuss the critical potential that this entanglement entails.

Through online workshops and presentations, the contributors invite a broad audience of artists, activists, teachers, theorists, students, designers, etherpads and other non-humans, to engage with diverse subjects such as alternative economies, feral ecologies, shared authorship, xeno-biologies, pedagogies, publishing infrastructures and radical collectivities.