Miniature Worldbuilding

Miniature Worldbuilding
Name Miniature Worldbuilding
Location Het Wilde Weg
Date 2024/07/20
Time 10:00—17:00
PeopleOrganisations Jasper Bloem x MU
Type HDSC2024
Web Yes
Print No
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Designer, maker & speculative storyteller Jasper Bloem will join the camp to introduce all the campers to his world of miniature making. What will the future look like? What will people need or wish for? Hack your eyes by building a small world yourself in this all-day walk-in workshop.    Since his graduation 2023 Jasper Bloem has encouraged young people from all kinds of backgrounds to start speculating about possible futures themselves. Using discarded technological materials, participants are encouraged to experiment with form and function in new ways.    You can also view a short film about Jasper's exhbition Worlding Worlds where he speaks more about his project.