Nazanin Karimi

Nazanin Karimi is a designer, born in Iran and based in Amsterdam. Her work spans the cultural and commercial fields and includes editorial design, art direction, visual identity and storytelling, animation and multimedia production. She works both for clients and on self-initiated projects, combining the knowledge from various fields and elements from different cultures in order to create visual environments that meet the demands of each challenge. She graduated with BA in graphic design from Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague and MA in design from Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. Nazanin’s latest work Dripping Legends—an interactive video installation—poses questions about our perception of pain and violence, influenced by our digital and virtual culture. The audience can engage with the installation by means of a remote controller. The main characters simultaneously perform in both virtual and real stratospheres, exposed to the conditions that occur due to the choices of the audience, who can choose to avoid a challenge, relieve, suspend, harm or eliminate characters. The player directs the story by making these choices and observes the consequence of her decisions in a real world where the performer might get injured and feel pain in the same way as the game character is effected.