Pi-rats Mythologum

Pi-rats Mythologum
Name pi-rats Mythologum
Location Het Wilde Weg
Date 2024/07/17-2024/07/19
Time 10:00—13:00
PeopleOrganisations Sara Fumaça, Michael Fowler, Juliette Lizotte
Type HDSC2024
Web Yes
Print No

19 Pi-Rats.png

A group of decentralized pi-rats exit the Main Stream and gather after a long time apart to share their latest scavenging trashures and turn them into something useful for their community. pi-rats are part of an underground network of open source makerz that live off the remains of the Main Stream and adapt quickly to any localities. They use physical and metaphysical channels to move around. Are they humans? Are they actually rats? Can they swim? Who knows anymore?! All they know is they worship the open source and take their name from the infamous raspberry-pi micro computer, pilar of their self-organised communities and developed all their culture around it!

Sara Fumaça (he/they) is a Berlin-based transdisciplinary artist, working across physical and virtual realms. Their practice focuses on the topics of world-building and speculative futures, seeking an open-ended exploration between the self and the other, human and non-human, contemplating interdependencies, intimacy, rituals, chaos, and disorder through sculpted clay bodies, text, sounds, and drawing. Their clay work comes to life as a direct extension of Sara's daily wanders through books, games, and online wormholes, and it can often be found in scenographies and immersive experiences. Lately, they have been researching new shapes inspired by snouts, whispering movements, and mythmaking.

Michael Fowler (he/they) is a Vancouver ex-pat currently residing in Berlin, Germany. Holding a Graphic Design MA from the Estonian Academy of Arts, as well as a BDes in Interaction Design (Minor: SPACE/Social Practice and Community Engagement) from Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver. Their design practice spans performance, sound art, graphic/interaction design, generative design research, illustration, and sculpture. Embracing absurdity and play as a means of investigation, Fowler’s practice leans into queer identity emboldened and discovered through virtual communities and online roleplaying, avatar culture, online subculture, cosplay, and collaborative world-building.

Juliette Lizotte (she/they) is a world builder, a forest creature, a rave elf, a sonic oracle... Inspired by feminist science fiction, video games, pop culture and fantasy, Juliette opens parallel worlds at 170bpm. Juliette Lizotte aka jujulove is a video maker, designer and DJ based in Amsterdam. She is a resident on LYL Radio in Brussels, as well as an active member of Hackers & Designers in Amsterdam.