Puppetry & Storytelling

Puppetry & Storytelling
Name Puppetry & Storytelling
Location Het Wilde Weg
Date 2024/07/19-2024/07/21
Time [[]]
PeopleOrganisations Livia, Reptilian Expo
Type HDSC2024
Web Yes
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This workshop explores and reworks the techniques of street theater and puppetry as means to create a collective, nomadic, accessible and universally readable shows. It serves as a means to occupy and reappropriate public spaces, both indoors and outdoors, using storytelling and music as practices to connect people and create accessible, horizonal moments of sharing and listening. During the workshop days, we will collectively create our story, draw and build our characters, give them a voice and perform with them, investigating and learning how to build a group live show, resetting authorship to make a space for a collective art making idea. We will use recycled materials, simple games and techniques, sharing our skills and having fun :P

Participants ꧂

the number of participants is approximately 6 per day!

Requirements ꧂

Program ꧂

you can join individual days or the entire workshop!

Day 1. • Storytelling & puppet making

This day will be divided into two parts :

Day 2. • Sounds & performance

During this day, we will animate the show through experimentation with the sound, recording our voice, small instruments and bizarre noises. We will create the sounds and voices of each scene of the show, both recording and playing live.

Tools and materials ꧂

Day 1: Storytelling and puppet making •it is recommended to bring a pen for writing! There will be materials available to build our characters but any kind of help is welcome <3 • Bring ur own old pair of socks • Whether you have fabrics, small items or decorations, fun extensions, sparkly eyes, bottoms, whatever, that you would like to use, bring them! •if you have brushes, paints, drawing materials, they might be useful!

Day 2: Sounds and performance • if you have small instruments, flutes, odd-sounding objects that you would like to use or try you can bring them! :>

Livia is a multidisciplinary artist, trained in Milan, currently part of the Dirty Art Department, Sandberg. Her practice ranges from installation, writing, set and costume design, fitting into a fantasy imagery that presents a continuous interweaving of stories, fairy tales, absurd scenarios and fantastic characters, constructing dimensions and environments to be lived collectively.

Guest last day: Reptilian Expo

Reptilian Epxo is the moniker of Riccardo Patrone, head of the multiform fantasy tape label Pampsychia and experienced dancefloor shapeshifter. Multifaceted selector and producer, he draws both from fast-paced, rhythm-laden grooves and more bouncy, off-kilter weirdo beats to recast dance subcultures into sonic unfamiliar environments with a unique approach. Swampy fifth world, sunytty freestyle and dancefloor crawling moves make Reptilian Expo the perfect DJ for unusual party moves and mystic immersive K-majic soundscapes.