Name quantum.ville.sint.oedenrode
Location Het Wilde Weg
Date 2023/07/23-2023/07/27
Time 10:00-13:00
PeopleOrganisations Salomé Macquet
Type HDSC2023
Web Yes
Print No
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quantum.ville is a transmedia speculative design project staging a fictional tower. This vertical city is managed by a private company and contains all the infrastructure necessary for a self-sufficient life. Its unique construction according to general relativity makes quantum.ville’s time supra-relative. Each floor’s time flows differently from the others. One year on the first floor corresponds to twenty-one years at the top. So, how can we design and regulate this vertical town in order to ensure its optimisation? This is the challenge faced by the quantum.ville consortium, as administrator and majority shareholder.

After years of development and towers built around the world, including one in Sint-Oedenrode, this corporate utopia comes to an end. quantum.ville.citizens aim for new perspectives : a HopePunk future. Following a movement started by feminists in Italy in the 80’s to rethink time in our societies, we will use quantum.ville as a framework to reknit collective infrastructures and design a time relative queer and feminist city. Participants will be quantum.ville.sint.oedenrode inhabitants gathered in an informal and unauthorised committee. They will discuss and design new social and political paths for this time relative society, using hacking in all forms to achieve a change. As quantum.ville.citizens they will have access to numerous corporate tools including quantum.ville.management, the official already developed app and will be able to speak with one of the thousands quantum.ville.bots, as well as other citizens.

quantum.ville was first developed with Grégoire Delzongle and the support of the Atelier Médicis in France. From January to March 2020, during an art residency at Saint-Hilaire-des-Loges’ [FR] elementary school, we invited fourth graders to be part of quantum.ville’s fiction. They were both actors and spectators. As quantum.ville.citizens and part of the company’s design desk, they worked on city planning, inventing potential towers and transport facilities between floors, writing pre-set messages for chatbots, etc. The art residency is a laboratory allowing us to develop the fiction in an endless back and forth negotiation between conception and experimentation.


General access note:

Note: The activities discussed in the next sections are intentionnaly elusive or redacted to maintain elements of surprise during this performative speculative design workshop. Participants will be part of quantum.ville fictionnal universe as quantum.ville.citizens. They will need to act as they are part of this universe, however they won't need to play a different personnality than their own.


Salomé Macquet is a French designer and developer, pursuing research focused on time and its relationship within physics, political & social sciences through speculative design, graphic design and performance. In addition, she has been working on commissioned projects including graphic design and code for cultural institutions, science & tech companies, architectural firms…