Roleplaying in the open source world

Roleplaying in the open source world
Name Roleplaying in the open source world
Location The Internet
Date 2021/12/04
Time 14:00-17:00
PeopleOrganisations Juliette Lizotte, Susan Ploetz
Type Meetup
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Building forth on H&D's commitment of rethinking tools, we collectively explored alternatives scenarios for human-computer interaction. We took the perspective of the tool itself to rethink our positions as makers. We imagined, embodied and enacted a new open source tool ecology!

What tool can you imagine? What are the features, quirks and glitches? How would it be used and by whom? How do the tools of our emerging tool ecology relate to each other?


Using methods of character development and role play in combination with H&D's hacking and DIY approach we explored open source world-making and collaborative storytelling.


To kick off this activity we had a lecture by Susan Ploetz.

Susan Ploetz (US/DE) is an artist-researcher working with somatics, theory, writing, performance, simulation and live action role plays (larping) in different configurations. Her work deals with the overlapping spaces of soma and technos; she uses imagination, magical materiality, and protocol to induce emancipatory emotive dissonances and perceptual expansion. She explores body-centered game design and narrative-building play as co-creative world-making that develops individual agency within spontaneous, ephemeral, decentralized communities.

Read through the session on the etherpad and look at the character cards in the ethercalc (please don't accidentally delete anything!)!


The H&D meetups are informal gatherings for anyone with an interest in technical and artistic explorations of open-source tools and infrastructures that are meant to faciliate collaboration. H&D meetups are occasions to discuss and question proprietary software and closed systems. While collectively imagining alternative socio-technological futures, the work of H&D goes hand in hand with building actual tools, which we document and publish for others to use and appropriate. H&D's tool-building practice is informed by a legacy of practitioners in and around the field of design, art and technological production who are blurring the lines between using and making tools, for instance by taking on the task of building and maintaining tools themselves, as well as creating communities around these tool-building practices.

The H&D Meetups are kindly supported by Amsterdam Fund for the Arts and the Creative Industries Fund.