Algorithmic Kitchen


Cooking algorithms, clouds and databases – a how-to

In the Algorithmic Kitchen of Luis Rodil-Fernández we learned how algorithms are constructed, made our own algorithms and let it crunch its logic on a large database of fine cuisine. Together we cooked the tastiest outcomes.

See our scrapes here: pantry.algorithmickitchen.org:8000/

Recipe for understanding big data

Serves: 20 people

Prep time: 8 hours

For the context sauce:

For the cake of understanding:


Mix all ingredients for the context sauce in a large bowl and let them sit for a while. You will know they are ready when you start seeing ads following you everywhere you go.

On a separate tray, prepare your personal data and let it simmer on an online pressure cooker for about a year, until multiple digital personalities ferment and have a life of their own.

Serve warm and in good company. Goes well with bubbles or nutty liqueurs.