Deepfake video software currently has an unfairly bad reputation. In 2017, a video of Françoise Hardy talking about “alternative facts” in Kellyanne Conway’s voice fueled dystopian anxieties about the future potential of propaganda. More recently, the pornographic applications of the software caused a furor as the r/deepfakes subreddit was banned for the creation and distribution of non-consensual, sexually explicit videos of celebrities.

DeepDenial is a workshop instrumentalizing the campiness of both pornography and propaganda to tackle our current fixation with “post-truth”. News is “fake”, facts are “alternative” but hasn’t the international “arena” always been overrun with political “actors”? The recent hysteria functions as a coping mechanism for a sociopolitical collective fiction we cannot accept. To heal, participants will produce their own propaganda porn, returning to the original definition of “fake news”: media satire.