Error Messages

In small groups the Summer Academy participants designed error messages in a conceptual way.
Topics of interest:

Firefox Error Message

Workshop results - error messages
Flaminia, Vincent, Vicky
'Artificial intelligence' Error Designing an error message for an Artificial Intelligence
Error messages are only temporary events for an AI. It just takes some time to heal.

Maaike, Mark-Jan, Eurico
ErrorLeaks manifest: a manifesto based on the following ideas:

Basil, Lucian, Michaela
'Sad Face' Error: The more an error occurs, the sadder the error message becomes.

Scott, Jona, Jurriaan
Storyboard ‘soap series’ from error messages.
Future: speculative error messages:
Error messages become more and more infantile and have a certain character to it.
Brainstorm: Personalities: Mood, gender, insult, apologizing, positive, negative, polite

Selby, Anja, James
'Awkward' Error Awkward situation on Facebook: James’ grandmother was using the word ‘Hot dish' in relation to new girlfriend.
Error to James’ grandmother: a postcard notification.
Oops - You are receiving this card because of an issue that occurred on Facebook :(

Error Messages
Error Messages
Error Messages
Error Messages
Angry Error Message