Text reproduction with machine learning

In the era of data, intelligence and computing, the authenticity of any digital content is not longer guaranteed. With machine learning technology, a human voice can be imitated, an moving image can be manipulated in real time, texts can be phrased by using raw data. All to make up something „real“. To get a glimpse of what’s going on, let’s build our own deep learning network! In this workshop, we will train a given neural network on original text to reproduce it, remix it, produce more of it. Sometimes the output will be complete rubbish, sometimes the algorithm will repeat passgages from the original. But certainly it will invent or rehash content based on the given input, so who is faking whom? This workshop can be fun for beginners and pros.

Please bring

(1) For beginners, this is a quite heavy task to either find out which version you have installed or to update to version 3. If you don’t know what that means, ask me or others in the days prior to the workshop.

HSDA18-Workshop-Moritz Ebeling.png