Media Choreographies: rehearsal series


Rehearsal Series is a cross-disciplinary workshop methodology which merges choreography with design thinking and computer programming developed by Joana Chicau.

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By 'rehearsal' it is meant a temporary stage for exploring the use of choreographic techniques to generate new modes of thinking composition making, participation, relations and articulations between bodies and technologies. An important point about the Rehearsal Series is to break the distancing between mind/body, self/other, subject/object, designer/ design piece; discovery/invention. Enhancing the idea of process over product: processes of becoming, becoming structures, becoming codes and scripts.

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  • 0.1 presentation of research and methodology;
  • 0.2 embodiment: a series of physical exercises to resist the alignment of movement to functional choreographies and open up perceptual and kinesthetic understandings of timespace;
  • 0.3 analysis of movement scores & programming scripts = ‘writing spaces’;
  • 0.4 forming groups; reflection on embodiment and choreographic concepts previously experienced; time dedicated to create ‘choreographic-codes’;
  • [lunch break]
  • 0.5 continuation of the group work;
  • 0.6 group presentations; final discussion and critical reflections on the methodology, use of tools and collaborate work;

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Besides your laptop and comfortable clothes, you may also bring your own gadgets, digital and analogue tools; as well as explore different programming languages and scripts you may have prepared in advance.


On the floor; Weight/ lightness of you body; pressing the surrounding surfaces; Keep the shoulders loose, relaxed, low and neck stretched; How is your body feeling today? Tongue pressed agains the palate; The pine erect and perpendicular from coccyx; Soft knees, quiet spine. Breathing Go against being shaped by gravity. Let the water carry your body. While you are floating let the weight shift from side to side. Vast circulatory network; blood circulating to every organ ( =organization) [...]


THE MIND IS A MUSCLE — “the muscle produces ”. Muscle is responsively - we shall begin with that. Or is the muscle a slave to consciousness? A display of hyper-masculinity, a substance of power and forced will? Meet, brute, unthinking substance. “When your muscles work on a flat surface for long enough, you get the qualities of dance. (..) The muscle is the body’s’smart material.” [...]


“Contemporary Web design uses the term ‘responsive’ to describe a website’s ability to excel in any environment (digital media apparatus) — its structure adapts to its new environment”.

The participants split up in groups and created media choreographies:

  • One group created a word generator, the audience had to place their bodies in space determining which of four word proposed seemed the most believable to exist. Where the most people was the word had to be defined. Example: proposal for Pokinoi: "A dish made from a Pokemon" or "Pokemon language"
  • Another group studied a Chinese choreography taught in school and automatized it to guide the audience to reproduce it.
  • Another group developed a group improvised choreography interpreting data transmission based on common words used in the coding vocabulary.

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