Come 2018, we start once again the Hackers & Designers Stammtisch (ex.), with a few new spirits:

  • each Stammtisch will have someone sharing some of their recent insights / current obsession / meandering thought streams / — ie, anything that is not part of finalized, professional, clean projects (past present or future). Rather, we aim for the sharing of fascinations still in an undefined state or weird space that want to be let out.
  • the person sharing their ideas will host the evening space-wise: this could be your home, commune, secret basement hang out, studio — ie, no particular requirements other than a place to gather.
  • anyone is welcome and we would like to keep it intimate, as... after the first part in which the host shares, there will be a feedback moment from the rest of the group, followed by drinks and hang out.
  • we want to keep this thing weird. It's not a meetup networking thing nor a book club. It hopes to be a time and moment to connect.
  • anyone is welcome.
  • bring your own beer.

Ideally, Stammtisch takes place every third Thursday of the month — we adjust the date whenever makes sense though.


  • 19-07-2018 (at 4bid gallery, OT301, Amsterdam)

So far

  • 25-01-2018 (at Genevieve's, Utrecht)
  • 22-02-2018 (at Juliette's, Amsterdam)
  • 21-03-2018 (at Anja's, Amsterdam)
  • 24-04-2018 (at Rock Supplies hosted by James, Amsterdam)

If you are interested and want to join, send an email to