Summer Academy 2018: Open call for participation

Summer Academy 2018: Open call for participation
Name Summer Academy 2018: Open call for participation
Location DekWest, Amsterdam
Date 2018/05/10
Time [[]]
Type HDSA2018
Web Yes
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Are you interested in exploring the boundaries of existing technology, programming platforms, online/offline networks, and user experiences? (e.g. webware, hardware, software, internet, IPFS, darknet, peer 2 peer, blockchain, bot networks) Are you thinking through making? Are you looking for new challenges and cross-disciplinary collaboration? Submit a workshop proposal!

Deadline for proposals is May 10th!

The H&D Summer Academy of 2018 (HDSA2018) includes a variety of workshops, lectures, a film night and publishing activities. The program addresses hackers/designers/makers/artists who are not afraid to open, break or rethink software and hardware, learning by doing, and recognize the importance of researching the various consequences that arise in our contemporary information society.


BYOW (Bring you own workshop)

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About the H&D Summer Academy 2018

Questioning “the liberal promise of the Internet as a distributed mass communication tool”1 H&D promotes hands-on making, cross-disciplinary collaboration and encounters with technology as means of ‘going public’ and uses the HDSA2018 as an occasion to discuss and question proprietary software and closed systems. The workshops of the HDSA2018 shall function as satellites reaching a wider audience outside of the maker-space itself to pose questions such as: Who owns information? Who directs data flows and who enables or limits access to information? Living and working in a post-truth reality how can we stay or become informed users and critical makers? Can we (re)build independent environments that shape our future practices? How can the practice of ‘critical making’2 enable citizens to take part in debates around complex matters such as machine learning?