Trueque: Symbiotic relations

Trueque: Symbiotic relations
Name Trueque: Symbiotic relations
Location Het Wilde Weg
Date 2023/07/20-2023/07/23
Time 14:00-16:00
PeopleOrganisations Vinicius Marquet
Type HDSC2023
Web Yes
Print No
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Trueque, a means of exchange beyond currency is an experience for exchanging digital objects, services and ideas. All non-physical objects are welcome to be exchanged during this marketplace.

How to license ownership on products coming from non-human agents?

In times, when crypto currency resonates with the same failed economical system. Trueque workshop proposes to find a common place for agreements, storytelling and exchange of non-physical objects. For this edition, H&D Summer Camp 2023, I propose a new intake for the Trueque workshop that exchanges goods coming from non-human actors, such as algorithms or biological beings. How to license non-human ownership and its derivatives products?

All Trueque inquiries explore sharing non physical objects in an inclusive, impartial, equitable, reciprocal, contextual, sustainable and respectful manner. Hopefully, these explorations propose other ways for understanding and exchanging non physical common goods for a post-human era. Under the emerging rise of AI technologies on the internet, Trueque wonders about the limits of ownership and value produced by the interaction of humans and non-human agents. Who owns those products ? Which is the limit of ownership of those products? Which is the border between inspiring, stealing, and sharing ideas? How to ethically appropriate the product produced by other humans or non-humans agents, such as an AI algorithm or a bird?

We propose to produce art goods that explore the interaction between non-human-agents -such as biological beings and AI algorithms- and humans in order to exchange those art goods for physical goods during a Trueque marketplace.

What do we mean with art goods? What is the materiality of your own art practice? Is your art practice already intervened or intertwined by some other agents?"

Everybody is welcome to join!


Vinicius Marquet is an artist, designer, and independent researcher based in Mexico City. His work centers around the exploration of algorithms and game rules as a means of inducing interactions or processes that create unique experiences, such as a poem, game, or digital experiences. Currently, Marquet is focused on exploring workshops in the netwok and programmable environments, using them as a tool for social assembly, research methodology, and aesthetic experience. These workshops offer a practical and hands-on way to collect data and insights into how people interact with different technologies and digital tools. Marquet’s work highlights the role of algorithms in our daily lives, as well as the ethical and social implications that come with their use.

Today, his question is What make us come together?