Digital Habits Workshop

Digital Habits Workshop
Name Digital Habits Workshop
Location NDSM Fuse
Date 2019/07/17
Time 19:00-22:00
PeopleOrganisations Jennifer Veldman
Type HDSA2019
Web Yes
Print No


This workshop was part of the HDSA2019 Public Program Public Program of the Hackers & Designers Summer Academy of 2019 and was led by Jennifer Veldman. Critical Alignment Yoga was used to explore our own habits and preferred patterns and how we can manipulate ourselves towards positive habits. The knowledge gained during the yoga session is included in exercises and a discussion about our use of digital technology. (How) can you manipulate yourself?


For many the answer to the last question is something in the direction: "(too) often". We walk around with slotmachines in our pocket. The software that we use every day made our lives a lot easier and better in some ways, but has also been developed to manipulate us in the developing habits by physically and mentally programming us to spend more and more time on that one site or platform.

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