HDSA2019 Public Program

HDSA2019 Public Program
Name HDSA2019 Public Program
Location [[NDSM]]
Date 2019/07/15-2019/07/26
Time [[]]
Type HDSA2019
Web Yes
Print No

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Hackers & Designers aims to bring hackers, coders, and programmers, closer together with artists and designers in order to develop a common vocabulary and learn from one another. The H&D network has grown to include designers, artists, software developers, researchers, scientists, and theoreticians. Our main activities consist of hands-on workshops that focus on topics like web technologies, Peer 2 Peer networks, crypto currencies, typography, conditional design, printmaking, and simple hardware constructions.

For the 5th edition of the H&D Summer Academy, our focus was on topics relating to the (human, post-human, trans-human, non-human) body and its interdependence with technology. Through a series of workshops and shared moments of learning and unlearning, the participants of the academy explored topics related to ubiquitous computing, disappearance of interfaces, transhumanism, digitized bodies, biometric data, user agency, representation and citizenship.

Running parallel to the Summer Academy, the public program strives to create feedback loops between the activities of the academy participants and a larger public—allowing them to inform one another. The public program aimed to extend, deconstruct, and reflect on its themes, through guided meditations focused on our relationship to artificial general intelligence, digital habits yoga, queer sports, morning raves, and more!

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