Facebook Liberation Army

Facebook Liberation Army
Name Facebook Liberation Army
Location Waag Society
Date 2015/05/13
Time 18:30
PeopleOrganisations Waag Society
Type Meetup
Web Yes
Print No

FB Liberation

Getting ready to say farewell to Facebook

For this event Hackers & Designers joined WORM, Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam, Institute for Network Cultures, Bits of Freedom, Waag Society and more in the act of simulated liberation of the digital state of Facebook.

Participants were invited to join one of the three groups: Facebook state refugees, its underground citizens or resistance fighters. During the workshop groups brainstormed and worked on the application of these three positions in the world of social networks. The event was initiated as an opportunity to critically reflect on the phenomena of social networks and to prepare projects and presentations for the Facebook Farewell Party.

During the Facebook Farewell Party Hackers & Designers conducted a workshop on creating A network in a network.

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