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Hackers & Designers stands in full solidarity with the Palestinian people and their ongoing struggle for self-determination and liberation from the oppressive colonial State of Israel and its Western supporters. Read our full statement here.


📡 Listen back to the daily radio livestream of this years' Hackers & Designers Summer Camp 2023 Hopepunk: Reknitting Collective Infrastructures on goodtimesbadtimes.club


✏️ September 15-16-16, Constant, Hackers & Designers and 15 participants did a three-day workshop in Brussels: The Age of Dust. Come check the traces of the collective storytelling and tool building at constant_V until November 12.

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📬 The second H&D Bulletin – H&D's new occasional publication is now available to read online and soon to purchase as printed matter.

📚 First, Then... Repeat. Workshop Scripts in Practice, Network Imaginaries and Coded Bodies is still available! Contact us at info@hackersanddesigners.nl to get a copy (15€ + shipping costs)!

The content of the following publications can be also found online! Find all the articles in the Publishing tab or on the pages of the respective book:


🎥 Learn about H&D's activities with Together, Decentralised, our Volumetric Interview with RGBdog


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  • Support people living in Ukraine from the Netherlands: Ukraine Support
  • To provide an environment of mutual respect that is safe and welcoming for all participants H&D wrote (and will continue writing, reviewing, and incorporating new insights) a Code of Conduct. This document intends to make explicit what it takes for us as a community to create such a safe environment and what to do when such an environment is under threat: H&D Code of Conduct.
  • We put together a non exhaustive list of Anti-Racism Resources to build a better understanding of what can be done to actively fight racism. We will continue to add things as we stumble upon new inspiring resources, feel free to share!