H&D Summer Talks 2016

H&D Summer Talks 2016
Name H&D Summer Talks 2016
Location De PUNT, Waag Society
Date 2016/08/05
Time 18:30-2:00
PeopleOrganisations Hackers & Designers
Type HDSA2016
Web Yes
Print Yes

AT WORK. If you are so smart why are you so poor?

The Hackers & Designers Summer Talks 2016 center around the controversial topic of immaterial labor, and the effects digital economies have on our current techno-society, – an on-going discussion at stake in both design/art and developer practices.

On 5 August Hackers & Designers invited developers, artists and designers to go into discussion and critically reflect on (digital) activities that exist outside/alongside the traditional wage-based definition of labor. What does it mean for the future of our practices to contribute to creative commons and open source projects, to self-initiate, to organize communities, to promote and publish on social networks, to perpetually generate content, to evolve multiple identities as bloggers, vloggers, mojo contributors…?

Hackers & Designers invited 4 cross-disciplinary speakers to take the participants and the public into a deeper conversation around the topics investigated during the summer academy. The speakers offered insights and diverse perspectives into their research, professional and artistic practices, but all the while maintaining the satirical and humorous approach of Hackers & Designers.

18:30 Doors open

19:00 Presentation Hackers & Designers

19:30 Tobias Revell (UK)

20:00 Break

20:15 Beatrice Fazi (IT)

21:00 Dmytri Kleiner (DE)

21:30 The Rodina (CZE)

22:00 Hackers & Designers Summer Party

Music by:

– Strange Boutique

– Dancehall Washington

– War Tone

Radiobroadcast by Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee

Funded by: Stim.jpg

In collaboration with: Waag Society

Supported by: Butchers Tears