Hack night: Self-driving toycar I

Hack night: Self-driving toycar I
Name Hack night: Self-driving toycar I
Location Waag Society
Date 2017/11/23
Time 19:00-22:00
PeopleOrganisations Hackers & Designers , Waag Society
Type Meetup
Web Yes
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Technology, as a vastly influential force in our daily lives, shapes our interactions with public spaces and with each other; with policy making; and contributes to an 'exclusive' society. Developers and designers play a key role in shaping our cohabitation. OV chip cards, caregiver robots, DigiD, the self-driving car are determining our behaviour and the way we interact with each other. Are developments like these unstoppable? Uncontrollable? Let’s find out!

Baby can you drive my car?

In a series of short hands-on hack nights co-organised by Waag Society we will explore the topic of self-driving vehicles as a starting point to explore and reflect on the ever changing role of technology in our civic society. Participants are invited to investigate what's behind the self-driving car; get acquainted with sensors; and to discuss themes surrounding this topic with ethicists, technologists, artists, and policy makers.

Unravelling the relationship of Humans & Technology

Using technical and societal developments in and around the self-driving car, we engaged in a number of collective thought experiments challenging and critically reflecting on consequences of technological innovation on living together. How are the technologies we rely on constructed? What dilemmas do we encounter during the development of a self-driving vehicle? How much control should we cede to technology? What types of moral frameworks should we agree upon?


For tickets visit waag.org/nl/event/hack-night-self-driving-toy-car-1