HDSA2022 Kick-off

HDSA2022 Kick-off
Name HDSA2022 Kick-off
Location Framer Framed
Date 2022/07/16
Time 14:00-18:00
PeopleOrganisations Hackers & Designers
Type HDSA2022
Web Yes
Print No

This event was only for participants of the Summer Academy in Amsterdam.


We kicked off the 8th edition of the H&D Summer Academy (HDSA) at Framer Framed with our local participants in Amsterdam!

This year, we invited three initiatives to work with us on developing an exciting workshop program together on four different locations: Amsterdam, The Netherlands with Hackers & Designers and Hackitects, Tāmaki Makaurau (formerly known as Auckland) in Aotearoa (formerly known as New Zealand) with NEWS, Berlin, Germany (+ online) with MELT, Seoul, South-Korea with DDDUG!

Within the theme of 'Connecting Otherwise': we explored the intersections of accessibility and sustainability of hybrid cultural work and techno-social life—the cultural, economical, ecological, and geographical implications of our increasingly complex entanglements with technology.

The photos that days were taken by Beatrice Cera for Radio Echo

Listen back to the reflection of the day!

Program of the kick-off

HDD day1 010LR.jpg

Guided by the collective geologic rituals of the Stone Network gatherings, we were invited to weave a stone together, while layering words next to, under, over and within spaces of encounter in between mineral and human bodies. While thinking with stones, we connected otherwise with our ancestral memories, both human and lithic, and with each other, spread out in spaces and times.

Find here the etherpad where we gathered our word-stones: https://etherpad.hackersanddesigners.nl/p/Built_out_of_memory_Built_out_of_seams

And listen back to our pebbles in the radio echo broadcast from Monday 18:

Stone Network is the duo of Anna and Marit. Anna works with words, typography, and other living media, such as stones, sand, trees and water. Researching publishing as the process of creating relational experiences, Anna seeks to understand ways of doing and living together. Tending to the entanglements of community building and maintenance processes, Anna often works collectively in creating shared rituals, narrations and experiences.

http://annabierler.de https://www.instagram.com/annauuannauua/

Marit focuses on the existing and speculative languages between humans and more-than-humans, and develops works in collaboration with stones, sand, trees, microbes. She explores ways to tune into what is present in our bodies and environments, how to communicate with what appears and follow that which disappears.

https://maritmihklepp.com/ https://www.instagram.com/maritmihklepp/

Internet the Musical is a wildly eclectic, interactive transdisciplinary project. Ready for some hacking and designing.

Last year, an impromptu collection of 50 artists from a dozen different countries got together online to write a script, songs and choreographies. A story created on the internet, about the internet. This project is about the process of collective making, less about the end result. Questions Collective brought artists from different backgrounds and disciplines together to work on the piece in ways that blur the lines of ownership.

We were invited to be part of ITM in this workshop. Together we explored ways we can quickly make digital scenographic elements, e.g. a backdrop for Ebay beach, or what does the child of a human and a server look like? The aim was to give participants as much creative freedom as possible within the world of ITM and try out their creations on the spot with performers. An exercise in less thinking, more doing.

Everyone's participation brought a new dimension to the piece, new skill sets and visions, and gave us an opportunity to work collectively with people with expertise.

Listen back to traces of this workshop:

The day ended with our first public program