Heart bits

Heart bits
Name Heart bits
Location NDSM
Date 2019/07/16-2019/07/17
Time 9:30-16:30
PeopleOrganisations Andrea Valliere, Ana Jeličić, Jonas Bohatsch
Type HDSA2019
Web Yes
Print No


Our use of technology doesn't often make us feel more present in our bodies and in touch with our surroundings. For this workshop, we worked against that. We used open source heart rate sensors to tap into our most vital body signal: the pulse. We learnt to route this data into sound and visual systems. Our bodies became the interface as we try to control the sights and sounds with only our hearts. We observed the effect of the environment and stimuli around us through our changing heart rates. Finally, we came together at the end of the workshop to perform as an orchestra.

Together, we learnt how to use Open Sound Control, p5.js, and Processing to learn how to route our pulse signals into generative music and art. We'll introduce you to the sensors and Arduinos and provide a jumping off point through code concepts and examples.

Participants had to bring:

Workshop led by Andrea Valliere, and Ana Jeličić & Jonas Bohatsch


Repository and Useful Links

A poem note by Juliette

serial plugger
heartbeat sensors
on the tip of your finger or on your ear
there’s a lot of noise in the signal
the banana has a pulse, it’s confirmed
what about giving a heartbeat to something else, an apple? 
or a plant
maybe one has an unreliable heartbeat 
first aid panic attack visuals
red is blue and blue is red
feedbacks rather than input
if you’re not relaxed and you see 
it’s crazy you’re going to freak out
if i fail i just do a cute radiant sphere
my heart would be speaking
midi controller change
plants don’t have a heartbeat but I would like 
to see how I could grow a tree from a heart beat! 
mixing trees and vines
replicates an organic shape
introduce random
output a number between zero and the number you want
numbers between 333 and 666
everyone loves colour

"If the heartbeat gets as regular as the knocking of the woodpecker or the dripping of the rain on the roof, the patient will die within four days." attributed to Mai Ching or The Knowledge of Pulse Diagnosis, often used by autonomic nervous system practitioners nothing breaks like a heart sensor

yea it’s quite sad and depressing
small fluctuation 
we are all unique
and create face out of that