The impressive NDSM Loods (warehouse) has stood majestically at the IJ waterfront for almost a hundred years already. The warehouse is part of the former NDSM shipyard and is unmistakably a landmark within this monumental industrial area.

The Foundation “Kinetisch Noord” owns and manages the building. Art City NDSM (“de Kunststad”) is a cultural and artistic breeding ground (“broedplaats”) with circa 80 workspaces, about 250 creatives and crafts(wo)men work there. Art City covers around one third of the building’s immense surface. Click here for an interactive map of Art City.

The other parts of the warehouse are rented out for film- and photoshoots, music shows and theatre performances, exhibitions, auctions, company trips, dance parties, markets, conferences and so forth.

NDSM Loods