On & Off the Grid Publication Launch

On & Off the Grid Publication Launch
Name On & Off the Grid Publication Launch
Location San Serriffe
Date 2018/05/30
Time 19:00-21:00
PeopleOrganisations Hackers & Designers , Joana Chicau
Type Meetup
Web No
Print Yes


Join us on May 30th for the launch of our new publication! With a presentation of the book by editors and designers Anja Groten and Juliette Lizotte (Hackers & Designers) and a performance by media artist Joana Chicau at 8pm!

In 2017, Hackers & Designers investigated forms of dependence and obedience to technologies embedded in our daily working and living environments. In developing an elaborate hands-on program throughout the year, which peaks around July and August during the H&D Summer Academy (HDSA2017), we posed questions such as: How can we, as modern nomadic workers who often do not differentiate between work and private life, look critically at infrastructure, networks, and systems that we rely on? Are we, as steadily connected (net)workers, capable of disconnecting from existing grids? Can we rethink and build self-sustaining environments that shape our future practices in unexpected ways?

Hackers & Designers reflects on their activities in 2017 in this publication. In particular, we consider the learnings and questions raised during the investigation of processes of going on and off the grid. Taking this publication as an opportunity to reach out to the amazing beings who have collaborated with H&D in 2017, we aim to push forward self-initiation and hands-on and self-directed approaches to research – and to open up insights and discussions with other individuals and collectives.

with contributions from: Hackers & Designers, Ivanka Annot , Vicky de Visser , Heerko van der Kooij , Yin Aiwen , Sjef van Galen , Joana Chicau , Bongani Ricky Masuku , The Center for Genomic Gastronomy and Emma Conley, Martijn van Boven , André Fincato , Oliver Barstow , Jon-Kyle Mohr , Eric van Zuilen , Daniela Rota and Meike Hardt , Lacey Verhalen , Juan Gomez , Jasper van Loenen , Kimberley Halsall , Loes Bogers and Lucia Kolesárová .