Ivanka Annot


Ivanka Annot (1988) makes social sculptures and installations in an pre-figurative artist practice, prefiguring the future society she’d like to see through a challenging of authorities, canons and norms

The social sculptures raise civil movements that are set out to create humanizing structures for society. Through the creation of demonetized spaces outside of the public, the private and the market, Ivanka encourages the emergence of new forms of social politics.

One of the H&D founders, Selby Gildemacher, met artist Ivanka Annot during the month-long art camp Entre-Nous located in the experimental settlement in Frederiksoord, NL, last September. As H&D had been exploring what it means to be reliant on the systems of big corporations and how to change our dependency on these systems, Ivanka’s practice has been influential to us. We were excited to meet her again to discover more about her life and work and how she combines the two in an inspiring way.