Juliette Lizotte


Juliette Lizotte is a French graphic designer and video maker based in Amsterdam, she graduated from the Design department of Sandberg Insituut, Amsterdam in 2016. Juliette joined Hackers & Designers at Fall 2017.

Juliette's work focuses on the notion of autonomy as the ultimate freedom and is fed by travels and unexpected collaborations. In September 2016 she coordinated a workshop and exhibition in Ramallah, West Bank. In 2016-2017 she was involved with the We are Here Academy where she introduces refugees to photo and video editing. She is also part of The One Minute Jr. trainers team that gives video workshop to children around the world. Her research is both practicle and theoretical, inspired by feminist science-fiction, manga and pop culture but also by unconventional experience such as spending a couple of weeks as an apprentice shepherd in the French Alpes or spending a Summer in an Urban Farm in Detroit.