A network in a network


Anonymity within the social network – constructing facial remix masks during the Facebook Farewell Party

During the Facebook Farewell Party we aimed to collectively establish the notion of physical anonymity by constructing facial remix masks, while discussing why anonymity is a critical component in joining our underground group. We used the infrastructure of Facebook to work around the idea of creating an anonymous network within a network.

Once the workshop participants became physically anonymous, we approved them to enter the anonymous workshop space. In this space we were diving into the moral aspects of Facebook’s data usage, and the moral consequences of “misusing” the platform. We researched the tools to accomplish anonymity such as secure anonymous browsers and temporary emails and telephones. We also reflected on the importance of non-specific data including non-descriptive naming, ambiguous media, etc. The goal of this workshop was to teach the attendees how to create anonymous identities and their own network in the network.

How-to manual for the event – Anonymous Networks


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