ChatPub with Hackers & Designers


ChatPub (or ChatterPub or ChattyPub) is a design tool in the making – leveraging a chat interface to apply styles and formats to the content of a publication. The workshop will explore, in a practical manner how a process of co-designing a publication unfolds, specifically when several people are designing at the same time using a chat interface. During HDSA2021 we would like to open up the process of making this tool and explore together its possibilities and limitations. The workshop will take place towards the end of the one-week workshop program. Thus, we will be able to use some of the content created during the week, documentation, prototypes, as well as conversations we will have altogether and asynchronously – to reflect on the week in this self-made ChatPub. Commands allow you to style the texts and images, but someone else can change their appearance again later! How will we negotiate these design decisions synchronously and asynchronously? The outcome could be a zine or posters or a webpage.

The workshop will support different technical skills.