OMG: build your own self-driving car

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Hackers & Designers teams up with French collective Formes Vives to create the next iteration of the DIY self-driving car.

Join us for a unique 3 day collective endeavour in designing and building our own autonomous vehicles at the repurposed yellow gas station in Amsterdam Noord.

Together we will be investigating what it takes to build a DIY self-driving car. While experimenting with accessible technology in and around the self-driving car in a hands-on and playful manner and simultaneously discuss ethical and philosophical dimensions as well as societal implications deriving from our reliance on ubiquitous technology today.

By inviting Formes Vives and their expertise in building rolling parade objects we aim to increase our first prototype in size, smartness, and flamboyance.

Participation is free (although bring some € for Dutch lunch)

Sign up by sending an email to info@hackersanddesigners.nl. Add your full name and current occupation. (Be quick. Limited spaces available).


No prior knowledge required

What is it going to be?