Open* tools for collective organizing

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Join us for our H&D Fall Talks! By connecting to other self-organized communities we want to exchange insights on the peculiarities of different tool ecologies, their situatedness, their limits and possibilities. What are the creative and critical potentials of the tools that allow us to organize ourselves as collectives? What are context-specific, social-technical codes and practices involved in collective organizing? What are ways to challenge ourselves and our tools in terms of durability, accessibility, openness, and creative output?

We invite creative practitioners, designers, artists, coders, system administrators, and disobedient users to join us in reflecting and reimagining tool-relationships evolving from community organizing practices.

(*) open-source, open-access, open-minded, open-ended...

(**) such as document writing, content-management, building and maintaining infrastructures, messaging, collaborative spreadsheet making, streaming and broadcasting...

Tickets: 20€ pro, 10€ students. Get your ticket for the whole day (including vegan lunch) here!! Limited capacity (40 participants)

AHK Culture Club: Kattenburgerstraat 5, 27E, 1018 JA Amsterdam

AHK Culture Club is wheelchair accessible. For anyone who is not able to participate live, there will be a live broadcast available hosted by https://radioee.net/ Radio EE]. please contact juliette@hackersanddesigners.nl if you require any additional support to enable your participation.


Block 1: 10:30—12:00 File Sharing / p2p / alternative distribution methods / economies?

Block 2 12:15—13:45 collaborative tools

Lunch Break 13:45—15:00

Block 3 15:00-16:30 mapping, (dis)orientation, and storytelling

Block 4 17:00—19:00 4 short workshops to explore the tools introduced before! (sign up during the day, bring your computer :))

  • workshop by varia
  • workshop by Lucas LaRochelle
  • workshop by moderator
  • workshop by H&D

open end - drinks!

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