The Age of Dust: Hopepunk Edition

The Age of Dust: Hopepunk Edition
Name The Age of Dust: Hopepunk Edition
Location Het Wilde Weg
Date 2023/07/19
Time 10:00-18:00
PeopleOrganisations Hackers & Designers , Loes Bogers , Juliette Lizotte
Type HDSC2023
Web Yes
Print No

worldbuilding + larp + tool building + small electronics

Generations after the eruption of the Volcano, three communities meet around the discovery of a mysterious mineral: the Dust. Essential source of energy, sacred healing powers, geological warning, what messages and hopes does the Dust carry? When different belief systems meet, how to find a common ground? How will their encounter shape the world of tomorrow? In this transformative journey, participants will play out social and somatic dynamics to resist conventional narrative tropes and think beyond humans while experimenting with collaborative storytelling.

The session will happen in three different parts that will transform the camp into a stage for fiction exploration through collective storytelling. Each session is a combination of: worldbuilding (imagine characters, collaboratively expand them, their world, and culture), making of techno-magic sonic objects (toy-hacking, experimental audio devices, soldering), and role playing (embodying the characters in their encounters with each other and activate the techno-magical objects).