The Hmm @Hackers & Designers

The Hmm @Hackers & Designers
Name The Hmm @Hackers & Designers
Location Hackers & Designers
Date 2020/05/27
Time 20:00-22:00
PeopleOrganisations The Internet
Type Meetup
Web Yes
Print No


The Hmm hosted their first online event last month, which was also research into live stream platforms. Which platform works best to host a cultural event, like The Hmm? Based on the experiences, this online event will take place on a platform built in collaboration with Hackers & Designers.

Hackers & Designers will furthermore show visitors around in our exhibition ‘BodyBuilding. Inefficient Tool Building for Quantified Beings‘, which unfortunately had to close at Tetem just after the opening because of COVID-19. Next to that there will be 6 other great speakers talking about interesting things that are happening on the internet right now. And, expect one very special guest 👀

For more information about the program and registration visit The Hmm Website !