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There's already many pages with links, etherpads, etc with loads of information on how to support people living in Ukraine right now (~ 2022-03). This article compiles a short selections of links and points to some richer resources as an extra backup layer: many of the links circulating are on Instagram, Linktree, Google Docs and many other web services — which may or may not be online in a few days.


Collection points


Poolse Bibliotheek in Amsterdam Keizersgracht 174

Collection dates: 2 March (17:00-20:00), 3 March (1700-20:00), 4 March (10:00-18:00)

For things they need check


HKU MAFA at HKU Loods (Koningsweg 2, Utrecht) Koningsweg 2, Utrecht

Collection dates

For things they need

ACU/Ukraine Humanitarian Aid in Utrecht

We are collecting humanitarian aid for Ukraine from 11:00 to 17:00.

More info on what to bring here: Ukraine Humanitarian Aid in Utrecht FB

Voorstraat 71, 3512 AK, Utrecht Phone: +31 (0)30 - 231 45 90 General email address: info [at] acu [dot] nl


Shimmer Rotterdam is now a drop of point for urgently needed supplies to the Polish-Ukrainian border.

Huis van de Wijk 'De Inloop' in Bulgaarsestraat 4, 3028BB, Rotterdam

Wednesday 2 March 15:00 - 17:00 and Friday 4 March 16:00 - 17:00 For other times and dates, check @ukrainians_nl / on Instagram

Fenix Food Factory in Keileweg is now a drop off point until 6 March:

Noord/delivery service: Doe-Het-Zelf Werkplaats is collecting urgently needed supplies to be brought by bakfiets to Stichting Ukrainians NL Thursday between 10-3pm, Banierstraat 62 (around the back) — can also be DM'd on instagram for pick-up services in Noord, West and Schiedam

Updates on collection points in Mathensse, Delfshaven & Charlois (more upcoming — all things collected are forwarded to Stichting Ukrainians NL):

Den Haag

An initiative from Den Haag: