(Un)monumenting: The Future Should Always Be Better

(Un)monumenting: The Future Should Always Be Better
Name (Un)monumenting: The Future Should Always Be Better.
Location NDSM
Date 2024/01/01-2024/02/18
Time 11:00-18:00
PeopleOrganisations Stichting NDSM-Werf, Stichting Kinetisch Noord
Type Exhibition
Web Yes
Print No



See the work of H&D member Selby Gildemacher at the group exhibition (Un)monumenting: The Future Should Always Be Better. The exhibition is installed in the NDSM Loods which is also the headquarter of H&D, as well as the surrounding public space of the larger NDSM area.

Selby Gildemacher work Incotrans Speed – re-offshoring highlights the last seagoing ship built at the NDSM wharf in 1979. The work includes an Augmented Reality (AR) app through which visitors can use their phones to see the ship in full size on the Y-Helling, where such ships were launched in the past. The ship was scrapped in 2009 on the beach in Alang, India. Commissioned by Selby Gildemacher, vlogger Mukesh Vlogs was asked to search for the remains of the Incotrans Speed, scrapped in 2009, with special emphasis on the ship’s horn. This video work can be seen in a shipping container in the NDSM warehouse. The work unites the past of the NDSM wharf with the present of Alang, India, and offers a layered story about (invisible) labour, globalisation and the relationship between history and the present.

Other artists shown are: Maarten Baas, Elsemarijn Bruys, Koos Busters, Selby Gildemacher, Clinton Kabena, Krijn de Koning, Bas Kosters, Sharon Lockhart, Hira Nabi, Oscar Peters, Selma Selman en Bart Eysink Smeets.

More information: https://www.ndsm.nl/en/location/unmonumenting-the-future-should-always-be-better/